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10 most asked Questions & Answers

1. Production time and delivery times:

How long does it normally take to manufacture a product once it has been ordered?

What delivery times can be expected?

Production at SUSUMU AI typically ranges from a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 2 weeks, excluding shipping time. Our commitment to quality and meticulous craftsmanship ensures each piece is carefully created to meet your expectations.

2. Customization options:

Do you offer customization options for your products?

What customization options are available?

Yes, at SUSUMU AI, we embrace customization. As we produce exclusively on order, you always have the option to tailor your order to your preferences. Choose fabrics, combine patterns, or even have your clothes perfectly fitted to your unique size and shape. With our commitment to flexibility and personalization, there's virtually nothing we cannot do. Your style, your way.

3. ​Materials and quality control:

What materials are used for production?

How do you guarantee the quality of your products?

We exclusively use high-quality materials for our production, made in Japan fabrics, Japanese deadstock fabrics, organic cotton and canvas, recycled polyester, viscose, and linen. Each material is thoughtfully chosen to reflect our commitment to sustainability and exceptional craftsmanship. Our commitment to quality is twofold – we source premium fabrics from Japan and employ skilled handcraft in Germany. By combining the excellence of materials with meticulous craftsmanship, we ensure every piece meets our high standards.

4. Return policy:

What is the return policy, especially when it comes to customized products?

Our return policy is designed to prioritize your satisfaction. For customized products, we understand the unique nature of your order. In the rare instance that you are not completely delighted with your personalized item, please reach out to our customer service team. We are committed to finding a solution that ensures your experience with SUSUMU AI exceeds expectations. Your happiness is our priority. Read here more ->

5. Additional costs and payment terms:

Are there any additional costs for special customizations?

While standard customizations are typically included, certain special requests may incur additional costs. We transparently communicate any extra charges associated with unique customizations. Feel free to discuss your specific requirements with our customer service team, and we will provide a clear breakdown of any supplementary costs.

6. Sustainability practices:

What sustainable practices are followed in the production chain?

At SUSUMU AI, sustainability is paramount. Our commitment to high quality extends to sourcing eco-friendly materials like Japanese deadstock fabrics, organic cotton, and recycled polyester. With our made-to-order process, we eliminate excess inventory, and our German production adheres to strict environmental standards. Additionally, our dedication to sustainability doesn't end with purchase – our forever repair service ensures you can bring back your bought items anytime for quality maintenance, contributing to a fashion cycle that's both enduring and responsible. Read here more ->

7. Communication during the production process:

Are there any updates or communication steps during the production process?

As of now, direct updates during the production process are not provided; however, you will receive a notification when your order is shipped. We are actively working towards enhancing our communication process to include real-time updates on the progress of your item. Meanwhile, we regularly showcase our ongoing production on Instagram stories, offering a glimpse into our craftsmanship and allowing most customers to spot their orders naturally through social media channels. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to keeping you informed and engaged in our production journey.

8. Eco-friendly packaging:

Are environmentally friendly packaging materials used?

Yes, at SUSUMU AI, we are committed to environmental responsibility. Currently, we strive to use recycled cardboard and paper for packaging, aligning with our dedication to sustainability. While our packaging may not exude luxury at the moment, we prioritize beauty in sustainability. We take extra care to hand-package your orders thoughtfully. As our resources grow, our goal is to invest in more sustainable shipping methods and elevate our packaging to align with our eco-conscious values.

9. Customer service:

How is customer service organized?

How can you get help with questions or problems?

At SUSUMU AI, we prioritize personalized customer service. You have various avenues to seek assistance – visit our atelier for a personal appointment, call us during our opening hours (+49 (0)30 280 319 72), or simply drop us an email at We are dedicated to being there for you, ensuring your questions and concerns are addressed promptly. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we welcome the opportunity to assist you in any way we can."

10. Private Question::

How is working with your sibling?

Working with a sibling at SUSUMU AI is a unique and rewarding experience. The familial bond brings a deep understanding and trust, fostering seamless collaboration. While challenges may arise, the shared commitment to our brand's vision creates a dynamic and supportive work environment. Our collective passion for Japan, coupled with the strength of family ties, enriches our creative process. Moreover, this journey of bringing SUSUMU AI to life has strengthened our love for each other, adding a profound dimension to both our personal and professional connection.

Thank you for the questions and taking your time reading our answers.

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