Kimono Blouse Bluse


SUSUMU AI is a Japanese - German fusion brand that offers a range of clothes and accessories for everyone.
Besides the main collections, we also provide seasonless basic products for your daily wardrobe.
Our design is contemporary yet traditional, modern yet timeless.

We only make your clothes by order in Berlin and use carefully selected sustainable high-quality fabrics sourced entirely from Japan.

Find out more about Keiho and Alisa sharing their thoughts on the creative process and the responsibility we all have for what we put out into the world.


SUSUMU AI´s design studio and head office are located in Berlin Germany, and in total we are a little team of four people.

Our shared mission is to democratise quality and make sustainable work accessible to more people. With a circular approach and a high level of transparency into our processes, we also want to drive forward positive change in the fashion and design industry. 


The roots of SUSUMU AI lay within the historical background of Japanese craft and design. Our design process is deeply influenced by the choice of high-quality Japanese fabrics