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Uncompromising Guarantee
Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction

At SUSUMU AI, our dedication to your satisfaction extends to the longevity of our products. We strive to create items that are not just fashion statements but enduring pieces. We believe in producing products that last a lifetime.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we've introduced a unique proposition – a lifelong insurance for the clothes we craft. This means that we are not just offering you a garment; we are providing you with an assurance of longevity. We aim to make our products repairable, ensuring that almost every item can be mended, guaranteeing you a more sustainable way of investing in clothing.

Your wardrobe should not only reflect your style but also align with your values. With our lifelong insurance, we're not just creating fashion; we're crafting a sustainable legacy that stands the test of time. At SUSUMU AI, your satisfaction and the planet's well-being are at the core of everything we do


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