SUSUMU AI´s BRIDAL MASK are made of japanese fabric which is the remnant fabric of the SUSUMU AI BRIDAL collection. The fabric is handcrafted in Japan and the mask is manufactured in our Berlin Atelier.  


The mask is like the perfect icing on the cake for the perfect bridal look in the registry office, where we still need to wear a mask. 


Buying this item not only makes you part of our SUSUMU AI - CONTINUOUS LOVE Story, it also helps us continue writing it.

Thank you

Keiho & Alisa


    Working Days on your order 2-5 days

    Standard Shipping 3-5 days

    As every item is individually produced and handcrafted in our atelier in Berlin, please notice that we will need 3 to 5 days after receiving your order until we can get your products on the way.


    Material: 100% polyester made in Japan

    Lining: 100% organic cotton made in Japan


    Sizes:  streches to fit

    size XS/S: vertical 11cm - 15cm / horizontal 28 - 34cm

    size M/L: vertical 15cm -20cm / horizontal 35 - 41cm


    To choose your perfect size make sure to measure from upper ear (the top of the ear which is connected to your face) to the same part on the other side of your face and measure from your upper nose bone to your chin.


    Care: washable and reusable - wash with 60c° in the washing machine inside a washing net or wash it under 60c° but for disinfection we recommend add a standard disinfectant detergent to the water that will eliminate bacteria and germs reliably, washable and reusable.


    Since our Genki mask is a hygiene product, we unfortunately cannot take back this particular item. We thank you for your understanding.