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The roots of SUSUMU AI lie in traditional Japanese craftsmanship and its distinctive design. Our design process is deeply influenced by the choice of high-quality Japanese fabrics and a traditional approach on daily wear. Inspiration flourishes from personal experiences and memories in Japan. 

We also personally travel to Japan twice a year to select the best fabrics for our pieces.

SUSUMU AI represents a twist of Japanese and German culture. 

Our design is contemporary yet timeless, extravagant yet simple. We only use carefully selected high-quality fabrics sourced entirely from Japan.

Our customers are able to personalize their basic item by choosing one of our main collection Japanese chirimen fabric with your order.

Every SUSUMU AI item is thoughtfully designed and marked by innovative and high-quality elements.

Alisa, our Head of Design, has gained extensive experience in various areas of design. The on-site team works hard and pays attention to perfecting every little detail to produce high quality pieces.

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